What is the #NoJusticeNoDeal campaign?

The #NoJusticeNoDeal campaign was organized due to concern about the new police contract currently being negotiated between the City and County of San Francisco (“City”) and the San Francisco Police Officers Association (“POA”). We demand a contract that prioritizes public safety and police accountability and represents the needs of communities most impacted by over-policing, racial profiling, and police violence. The City must not agree to a new contract increasing police officer pay and benefits unless the POA agrees to honor our values by supporting ongoing reforms.

What does the #NoJusticeNoDeal campaign want?

In October 2016, the US Department of Justice’s Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (“COPS”) issued recommendations to increase accountability and address institutionalized bias in the SFPD. Every major city official and stakeholder has welcomed and agreed to implement these recommendations, including the late Mayor Edwin Lee and current Mayor Mark Farrell, Police Chief William Scott, and the Police Commission. Police and community leaders have devoted vast amounts of time and resources to implement these recommendations. The California Attorney General recently agreed to oversee the implementation of these reforms.

POA leadership also claims that they support these reforms. But implementing these reforms will be challenging unless the POA commits to this support in the new police contract. This is because the POA has consistently used labor law (and claimed labor rights they don’t have) to undermine public safety by blocking, weakening, or delaying common-sense policies that would make San Francisco safer.

To guarantee the POA’s commitment to these reforms, the #NoJusticeNoDeal campaign demands a provision in the new police contract ensuring that the POA will not invoke—or claim the right of—meet-and-confer or interest arbitration regarding any policy enacted or issued to implement the COPS recommendations.

Does the #NoJusticeNoDeal campaign support unions?

We strongly support workers and unions. Many of us are union members. But in many ways, the POA is not like a union—it exerts far more power and control over the City’s residents and visitors. It is not a member of the San Francisco Labor Council. And as stated above, the POA consistently uses labor law (and claims labor rights they don’t have) to undermine public safety by blocking, weakening, or delaying common-sense reforms that would make San Francisco safer. In the new contract, the POA must agree to not negotiate over policies stemming from the COPS reforms. This is a demand specific to the POA, policing, and public safety that does not generally weaken labor rights for other unions.

Is the #NoJusticeNoDeal campaign anti-police?

This campaign is about increasing public safety through the COPS recommendations supported by the San Francisco Police Department and Chief Scott. The Department and the US DOJ worked collaboratively on these recommendations and the chief was hired because of his commitment to implement them. But we are concerned that the POA will block or delay these reforms.

The POA is not the SFPD or its officers. It is a powerful political body that consistently takes radical, hardline stances and uses inflammatory tactics that destroy trust between residents and police. Unlike other unions focused primarily on wages and benefits and reasonable working conditions for their employees, the POA uses labor law (or claims labor rights) to block and delay common-sense public safety reforms—like the city’s improved use-of-force policy—and publicly attacks police accountability champions—including elected officials, prominent athletes, and its own members.

Who’s organizing the #NoJusticeNoDeal campaign?

We are a growing and diverse coalition of San Franciscans who care deeply about police accountability and community safety. We want to ensure that the SFPOA’s new labor contract reflects our values and our community’s need for safety and freedom from police violence.

Supporters of the campaign include:

  • Faith in Action Bay Area
  • PolicyLink
  • Coalition on Homelessness
  • Asian Law Caucus
  • Instituto Familiar de la Raza
  • La Raza Centro Legal
  • St. John the Evangelist Episcopal Church
  • Do No Harm Coalition
  • Ella Baker Center for Human Rights
  • Free SF Coalition
  • Arab Resource and Organizing Center
  • Showing Up for Racial Justice SF
  • Justice for Luis Góngora Pat
  • United Native Americans
  • Justice Teams Network
  • National Lawyers Guild, SF/Bay Area Chapter
  • Pangea Legal Services
  • San Franciscans for Police Accountability
  • Senior and Disability Action
  • SF Education Not Incarceration
  • SF Tenants Union
  • Haiti Action Committee
  • Critical Resistance Bay Area
  • Anti Police-Terror Project
  • Axis of Love
  • San Francisco Bay View Newspaper
  • John Crew
  • Judge LaDoris Cordell (ret.)
  • The Rev. John Kirkley, Rector, St. James Episcopal Church

To join and for more information, please contact us.